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AnchorPad Products are Available at Synnex & CDW

Business Machine Security has been locking down all types of electronic equipment since 1982. We offer the widest range of security products in the industry; from simple, inexpensive cable kits to maximum security steel housings.  BMS can deliver the product you need for the budget you can afford.

We supply school districts, universities, government, commercial and retail businesses.

All of our computer security, LCD mounts and TV mounts are easy to install and there is no need to violate or drill through the case of the equipment, eliminating any chance of voiding your equipment’s warranty.

Business Machine Security prides itself in its ability to respond quickly to our customer’s individual or unique custom design needs. There is no job too big or too small. Please give us a call, we have technicians available to assist you with your design or installation needs and our custom designs are manufactured at our headquarters at 520 West Central Avenue
Brea, CA 92821-3020 Brea, CA USA.

All units are designed with a pick resistant, screw in key lock, preventing unauthorized movement of equipment.  When mobility is needed, our cable systems are the best in the industry utilizing the same screw in key lock, allowing the customer to integrate a keyed alike system across our product lines. 

Our products are designed to be versatile enough to secure many different types of equipment. So every time you change machines, there is no need to reinvest in another security device.

Ease of access is important for maintenance, mobility and key control. With our systems, any authorized person with a key can easily unlock our device to allow for quick and easy access to the equipment. All of our security systems are easy to install.

In 2013, Business Machine Security acquired AnchorPad, a long time competitor with a great line of complementary products.  For over 40 years, AnchorPad has supplied customers with high quality anti-theft products.

Engineered quality and time-tested performance has gone into every AnchorPad design, and that legacy continues today.

A full range of security is available through the AnchorPad product line, including; Cable Kits, Plate Lockdown Systems and Full-steel Enclosures.

AnchorPad's anti-theft products are versatile, secure, and easy to use, and the Plate Systems cause no damage to surfaces when removed by an authorized user.  AnchorPad’s product line can now be fully integrated with any of Business Machine Security’s products and utilize the keyed alike system, making Business Machine Security the largest and most versatile electronics anti-theft company in America. 




Competitive Pricing

  • Reusable
  • Secure entire work station
  • Universal application
  • Commercial quality


  • Protect internal components
  • High security screw lock
  • Bolt cutter resistant lock
  • Prevent unauthorized movement
  • Steel aircraft cable
  • Patented components


  • Secure any type of equipment
  • Variety of components to choose from
  • Glue, tape or screw on attachments
  • Re-keyable lock
  • Key alike, different or master
  • Key alike to other BMS products

Simplicity/Ease of Use

  • Anyone can install
  • In-line flexible cable
  • IT friendly access
  • Interchangeable attachments
  • Quick removal with a key